•  Low Frequency Vibration meter
Low Frequency Vibration meter

Product Introduction

    Low Frequency Vibration meter S908L 1Hz-10kHz

*Measuring vibration for low rotation speed machine,such as Hydro Turbine, Wind Turbine    and Rotary Kiln

*Small size, transducer included,battery powered, external accelerometer
*One button control both power and measurement.Very easy to use.
*3 1/2  LCD digital display,sampling per second.
*Holding function.
*Automatic power off.
*True RMS measurement.
*Suitable for monitoring  machinery vibration caused by imbalance,misalignment, gear &       bearing faults and etc.

Amplitude Ranges:
   Displacement    0.01-19.99 mm Eq. peak-peak
   Velocity            0.1-199.9 mm/s true RMS
   Acceleration      0.1-199.9 m/s2 or 20g Eq.Peak

★High Frequency Acceleration: 0.1-199.9 m/s2 Eq. Peak
★Temperature range: 0-50oC
★Frequency response & Accuracy:
   Displacement:   4-500Hz(±5%); 2.5-4Hz(±10%); 1-1000Hz(3dB)
   Velocity:          4-1000Hz(±5%); 2.5-4Hz(±10%); 1-2000Hz(3dB)
   Acceleration:     4-1000Hz(±5%); 2.5-5000Hz(±10%); 1-10000Hz(3dB)
   High Frequency Acceleration: 1000-5000Hz(±10%);5000-10000Hz(3dB)
★Battery: 9V 6F22/Rechargeable, 25/10 hours of continuous operation.
★Pickup: Accelerometer with handheld probe and/or magnetic mount
★Dimensions: 13×6×2.3cm; Weight: 200g
★Optional Intrinsically safe version with internal accelerometer