The purpose of measuring vibrations is to examine the condition of a machine by comparing the vibration measurement with international standard.

Vibration meter, as the simplest vibration measuring instrument, has two types: pen-size meter and vibration meter with separate sensor.
Pen-size meters have several versions to choose from. For one parameter meter (S909Z-1), you can choose to measure the velocity or displacement of vibration.
For the dual parameter version (S909Z-2), it can measure the velocity and bearing condition parameter (Envelope)
The triple-parameter version (S909Z-3) can measure velocity, displacement and acceleration of vibration.
Also, there is a multi-parameter version (S909Z-5) that can measure the velocity, displacement, acceleration, bearing condition parameter (Envelope) and temperature.
The most powerful one, S909Z-6, can not only measure all the parameters stated above, but also embeds international standard ISO10816 and can display measuring status using RGB LEDs.
There are two methods to measure vibration using pen-size vibration meters:
One simple and fast way is to hold and press the meter onto device with hand.
The other way is to control the measuring remotely. This method eliminates the possible error caused by human and is ideal for precise measurement.
S908 is a very accurate vibration meter with separate sensor
It measures the velocity, displacement, acceleration and high frequency acceleration
The set includes the meter, cable, sensor, and magnet base, in order to ensure the precision of measuremen
Also, there is a version with embedded sensor (S908B) for situations where cable is inconvenient.
The explosion-proof version for flammable or explosive environment is also available according to need.