•  Hand-Held Vibration meter  S908B
Hand-Held Vibration meter  S908B

Product Introduction

               Hand-Held Vibration meter S908B



Measuring vibration velocity, displacement and acceleration.              

Small size, transducer included, battery powered, no other component required.

Optional for inner or external Accelerometer.

One button control both power and measurement. Very easy for use.    

3 1/2 LCD digital display, sampling per second.

Holding function.

Automatic power off.

Suitable for monitoring machinery vibration caused by out-of-balance, misalignment, gear damage, bearing faults and etc.


Amplitude Ranges:

Displacement   1—1999 µm (or 200 mil) peak-peak

Velocity     0.1—199.9 mm/s (or 20 in/s) true RMS

Acceleration 0.1—199.9 m/s2 (or 20 g) Peak

Overall accuracy: +5% 

Temperature range: 0 - 40 0C

Frequency response:

Displacement   10-500Hz

Velocity           10-1000Hz

Acceleration   10-1000Hz(Inner accelerometer S908B)

                       10-10000Hz (Depending on external   accelerometer model)

Battery: 9V 6F22, 25 hours of continuous operation.

Pickup: Accelerometer with handheld probe and /or magnetic base

Dimensions: 13×6×2.3 cm; Weight: 200 g