•  Balancer/Analyzer/Collector
  •  Balancer/Analyzer/Collector
Balancer/Analyzer/Collector  Balancer/Analyzer/Collector

Product Introduction

Balancer / Vibration Analyzer / Data Collector

S911HD is a small sized economical vibration Spectrum analyzer & data collector. It can be used for overall vibration measurement, Spectrum analysis. Measurement of high frequency acceleration envelope makes it very effective for bearing fault detection. The data can be sent to computer for database and trending analysis.
It is also a low-cost, easy-to-use balancing meter with the measurement of Rotation speed RPM, Amplitude & Phase measurement.


All in 1 screen, a very easy to use spectrum analyzer
Measurement of high frequency acceleration envelope makes it a very effective bearing fault detector
Download from computer database point / location ID & upload overall value to database for trending
Standard maintenance software MCMe2
400 line spectrum analysis, 
Parameter selection of Acceleration, velocity, displacement and acceleration envelope
USB 2.0 interfaces to computer 
Date/Time & Battery Status Display
True RMS measurement


Maximum measurement range / Resolution / frequency range: 
Parameter Maximum
Measurement Range Maximum
Resolution Frequency Range
Displacement Peak-Peak value 2 mm    1 micron   10 – 500Hz
Velocity RMS value 200mm/s               0.1 mm/s    10 – 1000Hz
Acceleration Peak value 180m/s2         0.1 m/s2      10 – 5000Hz
High Frequency Acceleration Envelope  20unit    0.1unit    5Hz-2kHz #
 Note: Demodulated from 15kHz-40kHz
Accuracy of vibration measurement: 
Noise Level (without vibration input): ACC<0.25 m/s2, VEL<0.5mm/s, Disp<1um
Frequency response accuracy: ±5% + 2 digits
Non-linearity: ±5% + 2 digits
Rechargeable battery,  Automatic power off,  >20 hours operation time
Operation temperature range: 0 - 50°C 
Pickup: Accelerometer with extension stinger and magnetic mount, Optional tacho-sensor
Rotation speed measurement range: 10-60000 RPM
Storage: optional 60 or 200 sets of ID, acceleration, velocity, displacement, envelope & spectrum
Size: 196 x 101 x 45 (mm)
Weight: 230 gram (including battery)