•  Analyzer/Balancer S904
Analyzer/Balancer S904

Product Introduction

2-Channel Vibration Analyzer/Balancer S904 


•Easy to use data collector

•2 channels simultaneous sampling & display

•On-site 400-lines FFT spectrum and waveform display; Transfer function analysis;

•Data storage: 62  1024-point time waveforms   

    and 240 data sets

•Acceleration envelope demodulation for rolling bearing and gear-box diagnosis

•On-site spectrum comparison function

•Inner or external trigger selectable

•Full featured 1 and 2-planes field balancing (10 sets balancing data storage; balancing process clarified by vector graph; trial weight estimation; can remain or remove trial after balancing; balancing weight decomposition)

•Balancing report automatic generation.

•S907 is the same instrument but without communication port for computer nor the software capability.


·Input signal: accelerometer and voltage, 2 channels

·Amplitude ranges & Frequency Response of overall measurement:

Displacement          0.001 – 5 mm  peak-peak    10 - 500 Hz 

Velocity                   0.1 - 200mm/s  true RMS    10 - 1000 Hz 

Acceleration            0.1 - 250m/s2  peak            10 - 10000 Hz 

Acceleration Envelope    0.1 - 20m/s2  true RMS     5-2000Hz from 15-40 KHz

Voltage                            0.1 - 10V  peak-peak        0.5 - 10000 Hz 

·Amplitude spectrum analysis: 100 and 400 Lines, hanning windowed

·Frequency span of spectrum analysis: 100, 200, 500, 1k, 2k, 5k, 10kHz(1 channel only)

·Data storage: 62  1024-points time waveforms and 240 data sets

·Notepad: 10 condition codes for visual inspection

·Output: RS232C for communication with PC

·Power: Ni-MH rechargeable battery for 8 hours continuous operation,

             low battery voltage warning

·Operating Environment: 0~50 Celsius degree, 90% humidity non-condensing

·Rotating speed measurement range(with laser-aimed tacho sensor):180-24000 r/min

·Rotating speed range for balancing:60-8000 r/min

·Gain adjustment: both automatic-adjustment or manual- adjustment selectable

·Anti-aliasing filter: 8th order elliptic low-pass

·Dimensions: 21×13×4 cm;  weight: 1.2 kg

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