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On-site Testing

Product Introduction

               Training & On-site Testing    

 Rolling Mill, testing for a newly commissioned 20 roller machine, find the reason of thickness asymmetry, Using S932 + MCMe3, China


★ Testing at a grinding wheel, Prepare for the replacement of the calculating unit of an old balancing machine by S907, USA


★ On-site diagnosis of a fan, solved the problem of looseness and then balanced it, By S904 + MCMe3, Zimbabwe


★ Vibration diagnosis of a new designed winder, by S904 + MCMe3, Korea 


★ Film machine testing, finding the nature frequency of the rollers so can design working speed to avoid resonance.  By S904 + MCM3 and hammer, China 


★ Testing of subway ventilation fan, Prepare for an on-line monitoring system, by S904 + MCM3, China


★ Heavy mining truck roller bearing online monitoring by envelope method by S906,S932 + MCMe3, China

★ Automobile factory, Production line testing, prepare baseline for on-line monitoring system. by S904 + MCM3, China

★ Balancing of a compressor, detected a faulty bearing, by S906 + V-Doctor, China

★ Vibration analysis of an aviation plastic material manufacturing machine, found looseness problem. by S904 + MCM3, China


★ Aviation motor factory, high speed motor balancing, solved resonance & looseness problems. by S932, China 


★ Vibration diagnosis of a turbine generator, found looseness and electro-magnetic vibration, by S932 + MCMe3, China


★ Balancing the main shaft of a machining center, resulted in an integrated balancing sub-system in the machine, by S904 + MCMe3, China

★ Fan diagnosis in a Wood production plant, detected bearing fault by envelope method, By S903, China 

★ Roots blower diagnosis,by S903, China


★ High speed iron line rolling mill gear box diagnosis, by SDES, China 


★ Vibration diagnosis of oil pump station, found that rigidness not enough for some mechanical components, By S904 + MCMe3, China  


★Ventilation compressor diagnosis, found seriouse bearing fault instead of the assumed un-balance, By S932, China


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