•  Stress Energy Transmitter SS-430
Stress Energy Transmitter SS-430

Product Introduction

SS-430 Stress Energy Transmitter

Loop Powered 4-20mA, Integral Cable

Typical Applications
* Proven on-line means of monitoring critical machinery using high frequency stress detection

  Prevents machine damage by early detection on high stress energy levels prior to failure
* Early Detection of…
   Complex Rolling Element Bearing Issues

   Dry Sealess Pumps
   Solids In the Product

   Pump Cavitation
   As well as monitoring of Gearboxes, Rolls,

   Dryers, Presses, Spindles, Machine Tooling,

   Process Equipment and much more.

Technical Performance

Measurement Range     0-10 SEL (stress energy level units)
Frequency Response     7kHz to 50 kHz
Grounding                      Base isolated
Axis Orientation              Any

Transverse Sensitivity    Less than 5%


Output Current             4-20 mA DC proportional to 0-10 SEL (stress energy)

Supply Voltage            15 - 30 Volts DC (for 4-20 mA)

Settling Time                2 seconds

Output Impedance        Loop Resistance 600 Ohms max. at 24 Volts 

Grounding                    Case Isolated

Sensor Temperature Range      -40 to +85oc

Sealing                                       IP68
Maximum Shock                        5000 g

Emissions                                  EN61000-6-4:2007

Immunity                                    EN61000-6-2 :2005 CE
Electromagnetic Sensitivity        CE

Case Material                         Stainless Steel

Sealing                                   Hermetically Sealed 
Mounting Threads                  3/8 - 24 UNF (MS Optional)

Mounting Torque                    8 Nm

Size                                        40 x 100 mm
Weight                                    410 gms(nominal)
Cable                                     1 m x 2-conductor shielded