•  Laser Tacho Sensor
  •  Laser Tacho Sensor
Laser Tacho Sensor  Laser Tacho Sensor

Product Introduction

Capable of sensing reflecting light signal from mark on rotating shaft to supply instrument with trigger or rotating speed signal.


    • Output signal options:

      5V(with 5Vdc power) or 24V(with 24Vdc power) TTL impulse

      4-20mA current with 24Vdc power

    • Indicator: LED, flash when there is an impulse

    • Operating Temperature Range: -20~70 Celsius degree

    • RPM range: 60 ~ 60000 r/minute

    • Laser distance to the shaft: 20~2000 mm,depending on reflecting condition.

    • Connector type: Sendig 301(plug supplied together)

    • Power source: 4.5~5.5Vdc, or 20~28Vdc, 28mA

    • Dimension (mm): 65(Length) × 25(width) × 25(High)

    • Weight: 50g