•  High Performance 2-Channel S932
High Performance 2-Channel S932

Product Introduction

High Performance 2-Channel S932

•2 channels simultaneous sampling & display 
•True color TFT LCD display 320x240 pixels 
•DSP-based real-time 12800-lines spectrum 
•Full function analysis: startup-shutdown, shaft orbit, Bode, transfer, water-fall,  tracking, average, trigger... 
•Real peak, RMS, Askew & Kurtosis index … 
•Data storage: 200 collector data sets, 560 sections waveform & 50 balancing records 
•Acceleration envelope demodulation for rolling bearing and gear-box diagnosis 
•Full featured 1 and 2-planes field balancing (balancing process clarified by vector graph; 
trial weight estimation; can remain or remove trial; balancing weight can be split to 2 position)

·Input signal: 2 channels piezo-electric accelerometer and voltage for all other   type vibration or other sensors such as sound meter, 1 trigger/tacho input 
·Amplitude ranges & Frequency Response of overall value measurement: 
Displacement                 0.001 – 5 mm  
peak-peak                     10 - 500 Hz 
Velocity                          0.1 - 200mm/s  
true RMS                       10 - 1000 Hz 
Acceleration                   0.1 - 250m/s 
peak                              10 - 12.5kHz 
Acceleration Envelope   0.1 - 20m/s2 
true RMS    5-1000Hz from 15-40 KHz 
Voltage     0.1 - 10V  peak-peak   10 - 12.5kHz ·
Spectrum analysis: 100-12800 Lines, 
windows selectable 
·Selectable ranging: Auto-range or manual-range for natural frequency testing 
·Frequency range of analysis: 0.5Hz-25kHz (2 channels simultaneous) 
·Notepad: 10 condition codes for visual inspection 
·Output: USB for communication with PC 
·Power: Li-ion rechargeable battery for 8 hours continuous operation 
·Operating Environment: 0~50 Celsius degree, 90% humidity non-condensing 
·Rotating speed measurement range(with Laser photocell sensor):60-60000 r/min 
·Software come along: MCMe3 condition monitoring & SDES diagnostic expert system 
·Measurement accuracy: + 5%,  Dynamic Range: 90dB 
·Anti-aliasing filter: 8th order elliptic lowpass 
·Dimensions: 26x21x6 cm; weight: 1.7 kg