•  Low Freq. Vibration Transmitter
  •  Low Freq. Vibration Transmitter
  •  Low Freq. Vibration Transmitter
Low Freq. Vibration Transmitter  Low Freq. Vibration Transmitter  Low Freq. Vibration Transmitter

Product Introduction

      Vibration Transmitter Suit (Low Frequency)

This 4-20mA loop power online vibration monitoring product is specially designed for easy use with PLC, DCS and other process control and monitoring system.

Overall value Output: 4-20mAdc or 1-5Vdc, Displacement, Velocity or Acceleration,True RMS, Equivalent Peak or Equivalent Peak-Peak, (All Optional at factory)
Optional dynamic waveform Output for FFT analysis: ±2Vac, BNC connector
Optional panel meter display: 1-48 channels, 1-2 alarm outputs, alarm delay 2-15s

1. Shear-mode Ceramic piezoelectric

2. Sensitivity: 5-500 pC / ms-2
3. Transverse sensitivity max: <5%
4. Sensitivity variation vs temperature: < 0.01% per℃
5. Case: stainless steel, air-tight, electrical isolation to reduce ground disturbance
6. Working temperature: -20-100℃ or -20-180℃(high temperature type)
7. Cable outlet direction: top or side
8. Size: diameter 16, height 20
9. Mount: M5 screw
1. Amplitude Range(To be defined, Default is Velocity 25mm/s) & Frequency Range:
  1)Displacement: 3mm, 1-1000Hz(3dB); 2.5-1000Hz(1dB); 4-1000Hz(0.5dB)
  2)Velocity: 25mm/s, 1-2000Hz(3dB); 2.5-1000Hz(1dB); 4-1000Hz(0.5dB)
  3)Acceleration: 100m/s2, 1Hz-10kHz(3dB); 2.5-10kHz(1dB); 4-5kHz(0.5dB)
  4)Bearing condition(Acceleration envelope): 25m/s2, 1Hz-2kHz(3dB) demodulated
2. Working temperature: -20-80℃
3. Accuracy: 5%(may depend on range)
4. Transmitter Size: L98xW73xH30(mm)
5. Power: 20-30V(DC)
6. Output mode:2-line loop power or 3-line(power, output, and ground)
7. 4-20mA Output:
 Maximal transmit distance: 1km
 Protection: open circuit, short circuit.
8.Measurement accuracy (include accelerometer): 3dB(Full frequency Range), 1dB(>2.5Hz), 0.5dB(>4Hz)
★Panel Meter and Alarm
  1)LED or LCD display
  2)Alarm output: relay switch, thresholds settable on-site
  3)Alarm output switch capacity: 250Vac 2A
  4)Alarm delay: 3-15 seconds