•  Handheld Vibration Calibrator
  •  Handheld Vibration Calibrator
Handheld Vibration Calibrator  Handheld Vibration Calibrator

Product Introduction

          GJX-2 Handheld Vibration Calibrator

It generates sinusoid vibration at frequency 159.2Hz. Can be used to calibrate vibration transducer. The frequency & amplitude of the vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement are all fixed so do not need any adjustment.

GJX-2 combines signal generator, power amplifier, standard transducer and a shaker in one and features a small size, high accuracy and easy operation. It can be used either for laboratory reference or on site verification.

It is controlled by 1 button for power on. After 50 second vibration, it powers off automatically. A green/orange LED for operation and low battery indication.

Frequency: 159.2Hz +0.5%
  Acceleration: 9.81 m/s2 RMS
Velocity: 9.81mm/sec RMS
Displacement: 9.81 micron RMS
Accuracy: + 5%
Distortion: < 3%
Maximum load: 120 grams
Power: 9V Battery rechargeable for 1.5 hours operation
Charge time: 15hours.
Sensor Mounting base: M5 tapped hole
Size: φ52×160(mm)      
Weight: 500 grams
Temperature: Operation: 0oC to 55oC
Humidity:  90% non –condensing